Exploding in popularity and finding its way onto numerous online selling platforms is LeisureMod furniture.  Specializing in modern and eye catching furniture, LeasureMod has made its business designing outside the box, providing customers who do not want the traditional numerous options.  Unlike comparable businesses, LeisureMod focuses on the integrity of their furniture, making sure that the aesthetic visual appeal that brings people back again and again is matched by a construction standard that ensures quality and integrity.

So, how does the latest in LeisureMod furniture compare to its legacy as well as other furniture on the market?  Lets take a moment to review the Florence Style Loveseat Sofa.  Along with listing what the Florence Style Loveseat Sofa provides, we will also look at its dimensions, ending with an examination of what people thought after they purchased the loveseat sofa.  With that out of the way, lets begin.


The Florence Style Loveseat Sofa is made of a houndstooth twill fabric that is a blend of 35% cotton and 65% synthetic fiber.  Restating a legacy for superior design, the multi density foam seat as well as the removable back seat cushions provides memory foam for a superior sitting experience.  Comfortable, reliable, elegant, and simple, the Florence Style Loveseat Sofa has the practical design to match its aesthetic.

The aesthetic is a throwback vintage look with twill fabric creating something not out of place in the 50’s or 60s.  This is only further exemplified by the range of colors provided in the couch that are not normally seen in sofas or loveseats.  Some of these colors include orange, purple, blue, and oatmeal.  That being said, the Florence Style Loveseat Sofa is further complimented by the stainless steel frame joints which are fully welded, sealed, and sanded.  Adding to this floor pads to stop it from marking harder surfaces and it is easy to see why people go with the LeisureMod option


The Florence Style Loveseat Sofa is 62.2 inches long, 32.5 inches tall, and 31.5 inches wide.  The floor to seat height is 18 inches and the floor to arm height is 23.75 inches.


The Florence Style Loveseat Sofa has received quite positive reviews from people who have purchased it.  Along with fulfilling their needs to fit their own aesthetic tastes, the Florence Style Loveseat Sofa has worked quite well as an office loveseat.  While individuals do not recommend trying to sleep on it, they do report it being comfortable and worth the cost.  In addition, its size makes it easy for people to move it into place and set up with a minimal amount of hassle.  While the overall rating was very good (especially among those who took a chance on purchasing a loveseat without seeing it in person first,) there were a few negative comments regarding the shipping and handling of the loveseat.  This included some broken parts that were found on delivery and had to be returned to LeisureMod for replacements.

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