The sofa is often the focal point of the living space, and it can difficult to find one that covers all the bases. Buying such an important product can definitely be considered an investment, and it’s likely that you’ll be wanting to keep it for a substantial amount of time. The Darcy Sofa from Flash Furniture is a great investment buy, with its plush and comfortable design and high quality finish, it definitely has the ability to put the finishing touch to any room.


  • Contemporary Design

The Darcy Sofa features and sleek and contemporary design with its rounded edges and long length. The stone colour is also a very fashionable tone and will undeniably fit in with any décor. This neutral shade is also beneficial because the colour will stand the test of time, even if the décor of the room changes this colour will always be in style.

  • Fixed Back Pillow Cushions

People often have a lot of problems with the cushions on their sofa becoming lumpy and falling out of shape. This problem is eliminated with the Darcy sofa as the back cushions are sown on to the back of the sofa, so there is no chance of movement.

  • Plush Upholstered Arms

There is no need to worry about resting your arms on a hard surface and ending up with aching elbows with this product. The sofa comes with plush and upholstered arms, so your elbows can relax in comfort.

  • Removable Seat Cushions

The seat cushions are just as secure at the back cushions as they are attached to the base via Velcro, however this also means that they can be easily removed to be washed. However, because of the Velcro they cannot be reversed.

  • Securely Packaged

There is no need to worry about your sofa arriving in one piece, as the product is securely packaged in order to ensure the high quality craftsmanship is immediately apparent upon arrival.

  • High Seating

The sofa is set high off the ground in order for it to provide more support and to be more comfortable overall. Once assembled with the legs, it reaches 40 inches in height.


  • Cleaning

Because of the plush nature of the upholstery it does not facilitate easy cleaning. It may be beneficial to invest in a scotch guard when purchasing this product, especially if it will be situated in homes with children or pets.

  • Assembly

The legs for this sofa need to be assembled separately upon delivery. Although the assembly process is relatively simple and only requires screwing the legs into the base, it can actually be quite difficult due to the protective material covering the entire base of the product. This material can make it difficult to find the leg holes and makes the whole process more difficult than it should be.

  • Legs are Low Quality

Considering the high quality materials used for the rest of the sofa, the legs are poor in comparison. They are made from a low grade plastic and actually can downgrade the entire appearance of the item. However, it is not necessary to attach the legs, and the sofa will be sturdy enough without them.


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