Flash Furniture is known for providing an incredible selection of furniture types for your needs. Whether you are looking for kids furniture, galaxy chairs, office chairs, desks, sofas, love seats, or more, Flash Furniture probably has something for even the most picky customers. Along with having a wide selection, Flash  Furniture is also known for keeping prices relatively inexpensive. The Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat is another in a long line of sofas and chairs sold by Flash Furniture. Lets take a look at what this love seat provides, what its dimensions are, and what previous purchasers now think of the love seat.


The Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat is marketed towards businesses looking to impress customers or clients with quality looking furniture at  reasonable prices. Coming in black, cherry, and white, the love seat is kept simple and professional in design. The seat stitching forms a lip over the side of the  love seat, creating the illusion of a sloped and welcoming place to sit. In addition, the legs supporting the love seat are each designed to compliment whatever  love seat color you choose, continuing a professional look that will match the love seat as well as it matches the office or home setting where it is placed.

The cushions are fixed into place with the Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat. Providing plenty of firmness as well as comfort, the cushions are made up  of a super soft foam filling. While additional furniture pieces do not come with the love seat, they are available if you are looking to fill out a room with single  furniture aesthetic. Elegant, practical, and surprisingly inexpensive, it is no wonder why people turn to Flash Furniture for their furniture needs.


The Hercules Imperial Series Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat is 52.5 inches long, 29 inches deep, and 30 inches in height. It weighs in at 74 pounds, and can be found for as low as $420 when on discount. A part of a three piece set, expect to pay around $1200 for everything if interested. Finally, given its size  and weight, the Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat is surprisingly easy to carry around and position where needed.


The Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat seems to find success in purchasers who need something inexpensive and good-looking. More often then not, it  finds a home in waiting rooms or even as secondary/tertiary chairs in office environments. While many people were hesitant about purchasing furniture online at first, the Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat managed to win them over, leading to numerous positive reviews regarding comfort and a professional aesthetic. While some may not consider getting the love seat because it is not Hercules Leather Imperial Series Love Seat(it is bonded leather), it is still soft to the touch. In the end, what few complaints have surfaced so far involve issues with shipping.

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