Finding a good microfiber couch is challenging and that’s why you should always try out as many products as you can until you make a decision. The Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Set in Chocolate Color is one of the newest models that you can find on the market and it manages to provide both comfort and a great look in a stellar package. But does it manage to offer a good value for the money? Let’s find that out!


The overall design is a simplistic one but it’s indeed modern and it looks great in any living room. The product is available only in the chocolate color but that’s not a bad thing at all. Assembling the couch does take a little bit of time but then again you do get an instruction manual that lets you know what you need to do and how you can assemble the product very fast.


One of the first things you will see is the set of 3 pillows which are included with the package. These pillows actually get to have a matching accent and they do enhance the visuals as well. They are also pretty comfy as you will see after testing them, which is neat.

Also, the sofa is created with quality in mind. They added in poly-fiber inner filling and that does help deliver an outstanding experience when you sit on it. In fact, this might be one of the most comfortable sofas that you can find on the market at this particular time.

One thing to note is that the microfiber plush fabric is easy to wash but it’s a good idea to wash it manually. It’s a lot easier to clean this way, although you should opt for natural cleaning products instead of any chemical based ones.

At around $400, this product is an interesting investment and one that will pay off really well in the long run. It does manage to change the overall look of your room and it really is a very good sofa and loveseat. The fact that it has 2 pieces makes it very good for decorating your home and the colors are visually impressive for everyone. Plus, they can easily match your home’s color or you can generate a contrast. Since it doesn’t have multiple colors to choose from might be a downside at first but you will definitely appreciate the great contrast offered by the product.


The Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Set in Chocolate Color is a product with regular durability which means that you do need to maintain it properly if you want to it to last for a long time. Thankfully, the wood they used is very good, offers stellar stability and it will hold even people around 250-300 lbs. They also do a great job of covering all these issues in the manual.


As you can see, the Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Set in Chocolate Color is a very good sofa with a stellar value for money. Since it’s a 2-piece set for $400, you just can’t ask for a lot from its side. Still, the quality is great, the colors are impressive and the product is pretty durable. Basically, if you want to get an amazing sofa with a decent value for money, this model might be right up your alley!

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