Selecting the perfect sofa to buy can really be stressful. With such a large purchase, you want to make sure you get it right and get the most out of your money. That’s why, after so much time and research, I finally settled on the Baxton Studio Orland Bonded Leather Modern Section Sofa with a right facing chaise. I will admit, I was hesitant to buy a couch without ever having tried it in person, but with everything I read about this sofa, I felt sound in my purchase and I am so happy I bought it.

For starters, it looks like it is of great quality. The deep chocolate color of the leather fit so well into my living room and the black legs aren’t even noticeable. It looks like it was made for my living room! Not to mention, you can smell how high the quality of the leather is. That’s when you know you’ve made a good purchase! It is very comfortable and I often find myself stretching out on it to take a nap. That’s all I really wanted in a new couch.

The chaise serves as an extra seating option as well. This couch sits more than average or lets one user stretch out. That’s what I love about it- how versatile it is!


To get into specifics, this Orland Bonded Leather Modern Section with chaise Sofa, from Baxton Studio, is made with a pine frame that measures 116.5 inches wide, 79 inches deep, and 32.5 inches high. The chaise itself is 37 inches wide, 68.5 inches deep, and 33 inches high. The arm height of the sofa is 26 inches and the seats are 25 inches wide, 56 inches deep, and 17.5 inches high. The cushions are made with polyurethane foam. That makes for some mighty comfy sitting! Overall, the sofa weighs 159 pounds but if you have Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry about paying large shipping fees! That’s an extra hassle this great company takes off of your hands!


I am beyond in love with this section sofa from Baxton. I couldn’t have asked for a better online purchase without having tried it first. It is so comfortable and looks so good that I can’t imagine not having it now. It is of high quality and has really stood up to the active lifestyle of everyone who lives here. There is constantly someone laying on it, throwing things on it, and even, dare I say, spilling something on it, and it is still good as new. One of its best qualities is the non-marking feet at the end of the legs that don’t leave marks when it gets bumped into or moved when all this activity is taking place. I love that! This couch is great and I highly recommend that if you are in the market for buying a sofa online, that you go with this one! You shouldn’t worry about buying this sofa offline- it will be great!

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